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Old and Rare

Old and Rare

Every now and again, someone calls us or drops into the shop asking for a valuation. Sometimes it's just one bottle, sometimes, a few and once in a while, it's a lifetime's collection.

Over time we have amassed quite a variety of vintage wines and spirits including not just classics but lesser known delights too.

If you are interested in any of the items below, get in touch!

Please note: - Quantities (in millilitres) and age are approximate

                       - We do not have professional photos of any of these but if you get in touch we can send you anything we do have

                       - The conditions bottles have been kept in are quite often not known to us, therefore, the reliability of the contents is a mystery!

Courvoisier VSOP Cognac (with and without box)1960s-1970s680
Bell's Old Scotch Whisky 'Extra Special'1960s-1970sapprox. 757
Hine VSOP 'vieux cognac'1960sapprox. 709
Chartreuse (with and without box)1970s-1980s350
Drambuie1960sapprox. 702
Glenfiddich Special Reserve1980s350
Hennessy Bras Armé Cognac1960s-1970sapprox. 355
Hankey Bannister Scotch Whisky1960s-1970s750
The Antiquary De Luxe Old Scotch Whisky1950s700-757
The Glen Garioch Whisky1970s-1980sapprox. 757
Prince Hubert de Polignac Reserve de Prince Hubert1950s-1970s approx. 700
Grand Marnier1980s-1990s350
Glen Rossie Scotch Whisky1990s-2004750
Glen Calder1970sapprox. 757
Fraser Ross 'Vat 10' Scotch Whisky (open but full)u/kapprox. 757
Glendearg Red Seal Old Scotch Whisky (open but full)u/kapprox. 757
Lanson Black Label Champagne1960sApprox. 700-757